5Point Adventure Film Festival To Anchor Adventure Expo Film Series

5Point Films feature transformative adventure stories from the edges of our planet, the outskirts of our mountain towns, and the hearts of our cities.

In partnership with 5Point Adventure Film Festival, Outside Adventure Expo will feature the best of 5Point Film Fest’s 2020 short adventure films – including climbing, biking, skiing, watersports and running.  The “best of” reel will be shown alongside other adventure film series June 25-27, 2021 at Utah State Fairpark in Salt Lake City.  

“5Point Adventure Film Festival is proud to share the best adventure films of 2020 with the Salt Lake community for a weekend of learning, laughing, sharing and coming together through film, says Regna Jones, Executive Director Program Director of 5Point Film Festival. “There’s so much power by watching meaningful films together with your community to inspire and ignite change.”

The 5Point Adventure Film Fest reel will be shown throughout the Outside Adventure Expo weekend in Adventure Theater.  Access to the film fest is included with your Outside Adventure Expo ticket purchase.  To purchase event tickets visit outsideadventureexpo.com/tickets.

A sampling of the signature films that will be shown include:

NATURAL MYSTIC (France, 3 min) Director: Maxime Moulin

Natural mystic, an original concept that sees Sam Favret’s mind-blowing performance filmed entirely by drone. Come aboard for three minutes of thundering skiing through the Aiguilles Rouges of Chamonix, no gimmicks or tricks and no music. Instead, the sound of the elements takes pride of place for full immersion into the tracks of this local Chamonix rider.

BANKING ON BAILEY (United States, 9 min)  Director: Tim Kemple

Banks, Idaho is home to 17 hearty residents; including Ryan Bailey, a white-water kayaker, former wildland firefighter, and unofficial Mayor of the town. Situated at the confluence of the North and South Fork of the Payette, Banks means something if you’re a kayaker – the same way that the North Shore of Hawaii means something to surfers, or Yosemite means something to climbers. 

PEDAL THROUGH (United States, 14 min)  Directors: Aly Nicklas & Analise Cleopatra

Pedal Through invites us into the world of director-lead Analise Cleopatra as she discovers the healing and joy of mountain biking. Analise had never camped or ridden a bike off the pavement when she decided to plan a week-long mountain biking adventure with an all black female team: her best friend and fellow newcomer to the sport, Day Toliver, and professional mountain biker Brooklyn Bell. 

RIVER LOOTERS (United States, 4 min)  Director: Rebecca Hynes

Three river surfers turned into obsessed free divers hunting for lost belongings in the Deschutes River. When not on a quest to reunite people with their lost belongings, they dive for trash. The most water logged and shreddy good samaritans in Oregon.

UNITED STATES OF JOES (United States, 22 min)  Directors: Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen

In rural Utah, a valley of world-class bouldering is nestled among a conservative community of Mormons, cowboys and coal miners. When a ragged band of punk rock climbers shows up, the two cultures inevitably clash. After years of antagonism, a group of climbers work with locals to build a more harmonious future. But in this divided era, is that even possible?

RUNNING THOUGHTS (United States, 3 min)  Director: Fitz Cahall

Sometimes, an hour is all you get. Often, an hour is all you need. In those 60 minutes, for every question that gets answered, a new one gets asked. Tension releases into the passing wind. Goals are reaffirmed. Internal yarns are spun. Knots get untangled, and everything makes sense — even if you’ve forgotten it all by the time you get home. Join trail runners Perry Cohen, Junko Kazukawa and José González to hear what runs through their heads as they run through nature.

CLIMB YOUR DREAMS (United States, 3 min)  Director: Josh Greenwood

For so many the outdoors and its related activities provide an outlet, a way of escaping the everyday and reconnecting with the natural world and like-minded individuals. For others still, a serious lack of diversity and representation within that same space and those same activities can be discouraging. In the face of this glaring issue of much discussion we see Climb Your Dreams

ONE STAR REVIEWS: NATIONAL PARKS (United States, 1 min)  Director: Alex Massey

These days people feel the need to rate everything online, and not even National Parks are safe. We hear from some unsatisfied customers who feel there’s plenty of room for improvement with some of America’s most beautiful places. 

TRANSENDING (United States, 9 min) Director: Marin Hart

TranSending follows the journey of Erin Parisi as she comes into her own identity as a Transgender woman and trains for the Seven Summits to create awareness and visibility for the Trans community. This is a journey of extensive vulnerability, heartbreak and courage. TranSending showcases the vulnerable journey into self discovery as experienced by Erin Parisi, the first Trans Woman to take on the Seven Summits.

STOKE CHASERS (United States, 9 min) Director: Jo Anna Edmison

In an interestingly subliminal way, many young girls are taught how to watch and not how to do. Girls are taught to think that they are more fragile and weak. Stoke Chasers aims to get women to stand up and fight this notion of just watching and to break the connection between being feminine and being fragile. 

THROUGH THE BREAKS (United States, 9 min) Director: Tom Attwater

Jason Cajune lives in Livingston, MT where he designs and builds wooden drift boats alongside his family. Last summer, Jason packed up one of his custom boats and led his family on a float trip down the Missouri River, through the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument to American Prairie Reserve. Their trip serves as a journey through family traditions, a protected landscape and layers of history over time.

A PRAYER FOR JOSHUA JACKSON (United States, 22 min) Directors: Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer, Kahlil Hudson

What do you do when the dream you’ve spent your entire life working toward is taken away in a moment? It’s a challenge race car driver Joshua Jackson must navigate, after his promising career comes to a screeching halt. After first getting on the track at the age of four, not being a driver feels near impossible — but the reality isn’t so simple. A Prayer for Joshua Jackson is a story of loss, determination and recovery; examining the inherent risk and reward of being in the driver’s seat.

VOICE ABOVE WATER (United States, Indonesia, 11 min) Director: Dana Frankoff

Voice Above Water is the story of a 90-year-old Balinese fisherman, Wayan, who can no longer fish because of the vast amount of plastic in the ocean. Wayan instead uses his fishing boat and net to collect trash in hopes of one day being able to fish again. The story is a glimpse into how one human is using his resources to make a difference and a reminder that if we all play our part we can accomplish something much greater than ourselves.

BROKEN (United States, 7 min) Director: Simon Perkins

After losing his leg to cancer as a young adult, Jon Wilson struggled with feeling broken. Challenging himself in the outdoors presented a possible remedy. Today, crutching up and skiing down mountains at night provides a distinct backdrop for Jon to explore, accept, and embrace the idea of “brokenness,” allowing him to find a more sincere, vulnerable, and honest connection with life.


About 5Point Adventure Film Festival

Established in 2008, 5Point Adventure Film Festival is a non-profit organization on a mission to ignite personal and communal adventure of all kinds through the experience of sharing meaningful stories. 5Point continues to deliver a unique film viewing experience by combining passionate athletes, artists, filmmakers, short documentary films, and local communities. The organization supports emerging filmmakers and stories through the 5Point Film Fund, and organizes a student scholarship program called the Dream Project that provides support for high school students to realize their dreams. Please visit www.5pointfilm.org for more information. Follow live festival updates via Facebook and Instagram.

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