Gear Up For Adventure With Workshops, Classes, Demos, And Clinics

At the Outside Adventure Expo, we believe that the education you take into the backcountry is as important as the equipment you bring along. As such, we have lined up a program for each day of the event that will feature inspiring adventurers and knowledgeable experts. 

Workshops And Classes

Our programming focuses on family-friendly, hands-on, how-to workshops and classes. Plus, learn outdoor ethics and the tenets of responsible outdoor adventuring as part of inspirational roundtable discussions and more. Learn more.

Skills Clinics

Learn mountain biking fundamentals from the local pros at SimplyMTB in skills clinics throughout the event weekend. Spaces are limited. Learn more & sign up!

Learn rock climbing basics from USA Climbing Coach, Maggie McDermut. Spaces are limited. Learn more!

Exhibitor Demos All Weekend

Some exhibitors will provide demos for fans in their booths throughout the event weekend on the below topics.  Check the schedule for demo times and locations.

Axe and Tool Sharpening with Forrest Tool Forrest Tool Company

Join Craig “Rooster” Roost and the Forrest Tool Team to learn the ins and outs of sharpening your tools for your particular adventure. Rooster will go over essential equipment, sharpening station set-up, key safety procedures, the step-by-step sharpening process, hints and tips to get the right edge for the right job, and care and maintenance to keep your edge sharper longer. Rooster will also be available to answer any questions you have about proper tool use and safety guidelines.

Jackery Solar Generator Jackery

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 is an integrated system in combining the Explorer 1500 and 4 Solar-Saga 100W panels. The solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity, storing it in a portable power station. The system is committed to developing green, quiet, and convenient energy solutions.

New Life-Saving Device

At Rickmar Enterprises LLC POT-T, we produce a revolutionary emergency toilet that is taking the sanitation industry by storm. Even the Doctors Without Borders and UN workers call the “Angel Box” because it is a sanitation game changer. No other portable toilet can be carried in a backpack and hold a seated 350lb person. Reusable or recyclable.

Mobility Bag & Visor Panel Fieldcraft Survival

The Fieldcraft Survival Mobility Mobility Bags & Visor Panel are products that keep life-saving technology and necessities within arms reach. The Mobility Bag and Visor Panel are intended to be used with the FCS Pouches or the FCS Tourniquet holder using hook and loop or molle attachments. These products are designed to attach to your visor panel and/or vehicle seats. The pouches are interchangeable between the visor panel, mobility bag as well as other Fieldcraft Survival products.

Don’t Get Stuck with Wet & Dirty Gear

A Rockagator expert will demonstrate how to use Rockagator Waterproof gear to protect your essential gear from water submersion, dust and mud while on your overlanding or camping trip. How to wear it comfortably or strap it down to your overlanding/off-roading rig.

HitchFire Forge 15 Grilling Demo

HitchFire We will be presenting the HitchFire Forge 15 grill along with all of the accessories that make up the Grill Station. Learn how to operate and best use practices for grilling with the Forge 15.

Power Your Adventure – The Science of 12V

REDARC will demystify off-grid power and 12V systems featuring the basics:

  • Theory of 12V: alternator power & DC charging
  • Batteries: chemistry, type, and what to choose
  • What does a standard setup look like
  • Understanding Solar
  • Understanding inverters
  • 12V solutions for your adventure

Anti-Fog for Glasses & Goggles!

Zooke Anti-Fog Come check out Zooke’s anti-fog demo where we will show you how to keep your glasses, goggles, visors, windshields, & scopes from fogging up! Who knows, maybe you’ll get some free product if you come!

Header image by Zach Elseman @okienomads

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