Learn Nature Photography Tips From National Geographic Photographer, Mylo Fowler

Mylo Fowler, was born in the Navajo Nation capital in Arizona and is passionate about giving back to the Navajoland community.  Roughly 20,000 homes in Navajoland don’t have access to electricity or running water. Mylo has been using proceeds from his photography work to install Goal Zero solar kits on homes and hogans and has powered 250 homes to date.  

Mylo is a speaker/presenter as part of the Outside Adventure Expo Adventure Education series this weekend.  He will talk about his experiences as a nature photographer, photographing earth’s wild places all over the world.  He will also sit in on several roundtable discussions regarding “How To Adventure As A Family” and “Doing Good As You Go.”  

Mylo’s Presentation Schedule:

  • Friday 1 p.m. – The Power of Photography Workshop
  • Friday 2 p.m. – Do Good As You Go Roundtable Discussion
  • Saturday 1 p.m. – The Power Of Photography Workshop
  • Saturday 3 p.m. – How To Adventure As a Family Roundtable Discussion

Mylo’s photography has been published in Adobe, Lightroom and National Geographic.

Follow Mylo on Instagram & Twitter @navajomylo and on Facebook @mylofowler and at www.mylofowler.com

All photos by Mylo Fowler

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