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At the Outside Adventure Expo, we believe that the education you take into the backcountry is as important as the equipment you bring along. As such, we have lined up a program for each day of the event that will feature inspiring adventurers and knowledgeable experts. 

Our programming centers around the following themes:

  • Family-friendly sessions that aim to help families get the most out of their outdoor outings.
  • Hands-on / How-to classes where experts in a variety of fields will conduct live demonstrations, share their top tips and tricks and field any questions you may have. 
  • “Doing Good as We Go” will feature speakers who have made a difference in the communities and spaces they adventure in, industry experts on outdoor safety and recreation and not-for-profit organizations working to preserve and protect our outdoor spaces.
  • Sustainability classes and roundtables featuring speakers discussing outdoor ethics and the tenets of responsible adventuring.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle 101 sessions and clinics to provide fundamental skills and a knowledge base for new adventurers entering the outdoor community.
  • Demonstrations hosted by our awesome exhibitors showcasing how to use their products in the field.

Classes will be open to each ticket holder and exhibitor. Session formats will be 50 minutes in length to accommodate roundtable discussions by expert panelists or in-depth, hands-on educational sessions. Additionally, 20-minute sessions will take place twice each hour to highlight inspirational stories or vital Utah outdoor agency information dissemination. 


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