Learn Rock Climbing Fundamentals From Former USA Climbing Coach, Maggie McDermut

Maggie McDermut is a former USA Climbing coach and climbing gym instructor having worked at Santa Barbara Climbing Gym. She taught a range of classes from basic top rope belay classes, climbing technique, all the way to custom fitness programs designed to propel her students’ climbing abilities. But her favorite part of the job wasContinue reading “Learn Rock Climbing Fundamentals From Former USA Climbing Coach, Maggie McDermut”

Why Learning Self-Defense is Critical for Solo Adventurers

The Outside Adventure Expo is thrilled to host a life-changing weekend of self-defense and awareness seminars with Peaceful Warrior co-founder, Tiffany Richards. Tiffany has been training in the martial arts since 1998 and has been teaching Women’s Self Defense courses nationally since 2010. She created Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center, to foster aContinue reading “Why Learning Self-Defense is Critical for Solo Adventurers”

How to Build a Brand New Life by Embracing the Outdoors

Finding herself facing mental health challenges, Kay Rodriguez turned to the outdoors “as a way to heal, get stronger, and ground herself in nature.” In 2019, Urban Outdoors was born as a hub to help people discover the best trails, learn new sports, and foster outdoor adventure communities in every major city. Hear more of Kay’s inspiring story in Salt Lake City at the Outside Adventure Expo, June 25-27th. 

Learn 10 Essentials For Overlanding From Podcaster And Author, Dean Shirley

Dean Shirley gives advice for exploring off the beaten path and avoiding highways altogether. He might even convince you that his 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the best vehicle for overlanding. From Arizona to Colorado, and other stops in between, Dean will explain how to make the most of the trails you encounter. Learn more from him at the Outside Adventure Expo in Salt Lake City at Utah State Fairpark, June 25th-27th.